The positive experience on BingoHall and the West Virginia bingo venue

Going to the West Virginia bingo venue was the best thing that was happening in my life at one point. Everything was going from bad to worse for me, and playing bingo in that location was the only ray of sunshine in my life. I used to go to that bingo hall with my best friend. It was our little secret, but it didn’t last very long. Unfortunately, she passed away shortly after she was involved in a car crash. I was left devastated and without any hope of things ever getting better for me. Playing bingo was the last thing on my mind in that period of time. My salvation came under the name of BingoHall!

It may sound strange to some of you that an online bingo site managed to change my life for the better. Let me tell you exactly what happened! Since I could no longer go to the West Virginia bingo venue without having a partner on my side, I quit playing bingo. Although I loved the game, I was too shy and not motivated enough to start playing alone. Everything changed for me after I randomly heard someone saying something about an online bingo site. That person said that she plays bingo on BingoHall and that she loves it. I listened carefully to what she had to say about the site, but after that moment passed by, I forgot all about it. The name BingoHall was the last thing on my mind until one evening when I was surfing the internet. That’s when I remembered about the lady that was talking about BingoHall. I accessed the site, studied it and I proceeded to creating an account. I was just wandering around to see what the deal was with the online bingo thing. After the West Virginia bingo hall experience, I didn’t have any contact with any other bingo halls, online or land based.

I liked what I found on BingoHall and, ever since, I play online bingo on the site, on a regular basis. I win online bingo games here and it’s something that makes me confident about myself. Thanks to the positive experience I have with BingoHall, I was able to surpass my shyness and get out there more. I met a wonderful man, who was very patient with me. I can’t call him “my boyfriend” because I am an old lady. Let’s just say that he is someone who comforts me when I need it the most. I am very happy that I’ve met him! I know how lucky I am J So, for me, bingo and love go hand in hand.

I recently introduced him to BingoHall, but he doesn’t seem as excited about it as I am. Maybe in time he will come around. Me, every time I play on BingoHall I think about the happy days with my friend at the West Virginia bingo venue. I wrote this post for her. I know for sure that she would have loved BingoHall also!

With love,

Kate from Coal City

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