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Nitewisp, sent us an update on her nephew’s progress. It seems that we are witnessing how a sports star is born.

I am so very proud of (Austin) Wuebbels, #66 being a starter Lineman for MIZZOU, college football team. He’s a sophmore and a starter this season. The NFL draft pics just came out and Austin ended up #47 after just playing 10 games so far this year. here are his 2009 photos.” she said


… I wouldn’t mess with this guy, lol

One away also wanted to share some old pics with us.

here are 2 old old pics of my cousin and I… thought you might enjoy them…

new-image-2.JPG  new-image.JPG



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  1. i really enjoy sitting at my computer playing like today its raining what better to enjoy my saturday off of work

  2. A coupld of weeks ago I won JP in nicks, that to me was such a huge suprise. That was my very first time I had ever won that much.
    Just wanted to say ty bingohall, I love your site. I have been referring to so many people.


  3. Hello to all my BH friend’s :)
    Some of my roomies may or may not know that I lost my youngest of 2 daughter’s Cheanelle to Leukemia 10 day’s after her 2nd birthday. Well November is coming and with that bring’s her would be (10th) birthday and then follows her 8 yr anniversary of her death. So with all that said I decided to post my cause I started in her memory, in hope’s that you’ll join me in my journey to keep her memory alive. Thank You & GOD BLESS, Kyla aka (Cheanelle’s Mom)

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