Some new pics for our blog!

Hi pals!

I’ve been taking some time to post some new stuff that you sent me in the past days and that I was saving to post it all together. Sorry for not putting this online before, but I’ve been working on new promos and that stuff. Today, I decided to set this post up…

CM Ginna sent us an update on her daughter, Ashlynn


Time passes by so fast, I still remember when Ginna sent us some Halloween pics and Ashlynn was still a kid… now we’ve a got a grown up cheerleader here!

And if proud moms is what we are going to talk about. stiksapp47 shall be included in our list, she sent us a pic of her daughter after a triathlon match in Washington state…


Her team came in 13th out of 127 teams.  They had biking, swimming & running — Donna was the runner!!“, she said.

CoolScreenName, sent us 3 pics of her new pet, Kiwi

kiwi-1.jpgkiwi-2.jpg kiwi-3.jpg

collinstm22 also got a new pup, Bo is his name…

062.jpg  068.jpg

Thanks very much for your kind contributions, we appreciate the time you take to send us these stuff, that is nothing but part of your daily life!



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  1. Ginna,

    She is a doll and growing fast! Enjoy the years left while she is still a little girl. They pass quickly trust me.

    Hey Ash!!! Call me! lol :)

    I know your very proud of her. I would be also. Tell her keep up the good work.
    Coolscreen and Collins,

    The puppies are just to cute! I have to admit Bo is a favorite name of mine! :)

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