Our Favorite Simpsons Episode – The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star

Hello, roomies, we hope you are having a wonderful day. We, here at BingoHall, are huge fans of the Simpsons. As one of the most long-lasting TV shows still on air, the Simpsons have made history in the field of animated comedy for young adults. So, we were very proud when we saw that the game of bingo was featured quite a bit in last week’s episode, “The Father, The Son, and the Holy Guest Star”. The episode focused heavily on matters of religion and it also sparked quite a bit of controversy. In spite of that, or maybe BECAUSE of that, it was probably the best Simpsons episode released in the last couple of years.

Liam Neeson converts Homer

Homer talks to Father Sean (voiced by Liam Neeson)



If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you should stop reading, as this might contain spoilers. Bart is expelled from school because of a crime he didn’t commit, and he is basically forced to join a catholic school. Bart becomes interested in the religion after Father Sean, voiced by Liam Neeson, hands him a comic book about the saints. When Homer goes to the school to confront the Father about it, he also gets sucked in through pancakes and a highly entertaining bingo game. Marge, Flanders and Reverend Lovejoy spend most of the episode trying to bring the terrible duo back to the Protestant Church.


As you may have heard, probably the most beloved leader of the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II, passed away a week before this episode was supposed to air. However, due to the episode’s heavily religious nature, Fox decided to postpone the episode and show a rerun instead. Thus, the episode was held back for quite some time. Its original air date was supposed to be April 10th, but we could see it for the first time only last week, on May 15th.

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