Happy Birthday to our Favorite Bingo Presenter: Gary Barlow!

Hello, roomies, and welcome back. Today BingoHall wants to share one of its guilty pleasures. We are HUGE fans of Gary Barlow. We love his music, we love his part in the X Factor UK show and we ADORE the fact that he has once hosted a bingo session for charity. We think he is a wonderful and gorgeous (right, ladies?) man, who deserves a special mention on this, his 43rd birthday.

Have a very happy birthday Gary Barlow

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Early life

Gary Barlow was born on the 20th of January, 1971 in Frodsham, Cheshire. He only has one brother, while his marriage to Dawn blessed him with two children, a son and a daughter. Gary once said that he owes much of his musical success to his parents, Colin and Marge, for buying him a very expensive keyboard as a Christmas gift. As a self-taught musician, he started writing some of the songs that eventually made him the massive star he is today.

He started making money out of music when he was just 11 years old, as he played in the Connah’s Quay Labour Club each Saturday, for £18. Three years later, he was already making £140 a night as he found a new gig at the Halton British Legion, close to Runcorn. Things changed dramatically for Gary at the age of 15, when his music teacher entered him in “A Song For Christmas”, a BBC Pebble Mill contest. Pebble Mill accepted his submission and invited young Gary to record his song with backing singers and an orchestra at the West Heath Studios in London. By his own words, Gary was positively terrified of the experience.

The creation of Take That

Even though his song didn’t progress further than the semi-finals, it provided Gary with the chance to make the acquaintance of Rob Howes, who later introduced him to Rod Argent. Argent was sort of a song advisor for Gary Barlow during the next couple of years. The prize for reaching that stage in the competition consisted of recording time in a Manchester studio called Strawberry Studios, and that’s where he met Mark Owen. They started singing Barry’s songs and various covers together, as they formed a band called the Cutest Rush. Shortly after that, they employed manager Nigel Martin-Smith and Take That finally came into existence.

During his time in Take That, Gary Barlow became one of the most respected and famous musicians in Britain. His music won him countless awards as well as lots of money, and he was even named Songwriter of The Year in 1993.

After Take That

After Take That disbanded, Gary Barlow spent a few successful years as a solo artist. However, various factors determined him to hang his singing boots and focus more on the thing he loved doing most in life: writing songs. Since then, he has undertaken countless successful projects and wrote many critically acclaimed songs. He has appeared on more shows than we can count and has mentored countless young artists along the years. His work for charity has also been quite tireless. Even at his 10th wedding anniversary, Gary hosted a bingo session and raised money for charity.

We would like to wish a very special Happy Birthday to a very special man! May health and good fortune be with you always, Gary, and we hope you will host other charity bingo games whenever you can fit them in your busy schedule.

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