What’s The Bingo Chat Lingo

New to Bingo? Learn the Bingo Chat lingo!

Have you ever entered a bingo chat room and noticed that you have no clue what all of your roomies were talking about? Worry not because the secret lies in cracking the special bingo chat language used in online chat rooms. Furthermore, we will try to help you understand this particular lingo so that you too can communicate with your roomies nice and easy.

More Fun in the Bingo Chat

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Bingo is a social activity not only a game you play in order to win. Bingo players simply love to spend time in our friendly chat rooms and talk to other roomies. In order to chat more with little effort, roomies use a special shorthand language, made from easy-to-read abbreviations. These abbreviations are pretty much the same ones used in all internet chat lingo to express different emotions, actions, instructions, objects or people. Sometimes, you may encounter game-specific bingo chat lingo, as we will explain here.


The Importance of Small Caps

So, before you enter a bingo chat room, it’s better to learn a thing or two about the most common phrases out there. Keep in mind that some words mean exactly what they spell, but you can also find others that stand shorthand for a whole phrase. Another key advice for enthusiastic bingo players is to respect the bingo chat room rules and always type in lowercase letters. The explanation is simple: the uppercase writing is reserved for the CMs that moderate the conversation.

Bingo Chat in BingoHall.ag Desperate Housewives Room Bingo Hall Chat where the CM writes in CAPS


Learn the Basics

The good news is that there’s no need to learn the entire bingo chat lingo by heart! You just have to know the most commonly used expressions and have fun while chatting. Let’s give it a try!

For example, for winning situations, the most popular word is B-I-N-G-O! You will encounter it in chats whenever a player wins a game and completes a row, column or other actions needed to have a winning card. At the beginning of a game, other players might wish you “bol” which means “best of luck” or “gl” translated as “good luck”.


Popular Bingo Chat Terms

If you happen to be the lucky winner of a game and your roomies congratulate you, answer them politely with a simple “ty” which stands for “thank you”, “tyvm” meaning “thank you very much” or “tyu2” for “thank you, you too”.

Also, if you want to announce that you’re not at your computer, type “afk” – away from keyboard, “brb” – be right back or “bbl” – be back later. A good game is attributed “gg” or “wd” – well done, whereas if you want to have a laugh with your roomies, use “lol” – laughing out loud or the more intense “rofl” – rolling on the floor laughing.


Go For More

Now that you know the basics about bingo chat lingo, it’s time to put your new skills to the test. Don’t be scared – you will see that you’ll master this language in no time; it just takes a little practice!

If you want to learn more about bingo chat lingo, check out all the specific phrases on our bingo site: https://www.bingohall.ag/chat-lingo

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