The Hall’s Recipe Book

Hey guys!

Here it is, the final Recipe Book… it took me quite a while to set it up, but here it is. Nothing fancy, just all the recipes you sent to contribute with our blog.

Click on this link to download it: recipe-book.pdf just remember that you will need the Adobe .pdf reader to be able to view it.

Thank you very much for your contribution and interest!


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  1. sorry that i missed putting in my recipe…its an old favorite of us hungry broke men…im gonna try 2 see if i can get in book but not sure…here goes….feeds 2 but double recipe if need be its very cheap…..2 bags of ramen noodles bring to boil…drain…add season packet ….half bag of cheetoos mashed up….2 squirts of cheese wizz……….set to side and brown some kielbasa about a cup and half…add to ur mix and ur all dun….grabs some crackers thats what i call chaingang goulash..enjoy

  2. Great Job and great idea Esteban!! I can’t wait to try the recipes…they all sound wonderfull. I have printed the cookbook and have put it in a binder. I hope that there will be a second one.


  3. Awesome recipes!!! I plan to use several of them. I hope there is another one so I can send a few recipes in too. Maybe you can split it into different books…eg. desserts, dinners, appetizers ect. You should remind others that it is here!

  4. Here’s an easy “Chocolate Dipped Cookie”.
    Melt chocolate or vanilla bark. Buy in the baking isle. Be sure to use very low heat.. always stirring untill its melted. Dip Ritz Crackers to coat the entire cracker. Shake off excess chocolate, lay on parchment paper. Crush & top with a bit of candy cane (at xmas)..Yummy!!!

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