Team Bingo Smackdown’s PARTICIPANTS in the October 6th Bingo Tournament

Welcome back to the blog roomies and get ready for another edition of Team Bingo Smackdown! You’ll be competing for a $3,000 CASH prize. The fun starts this Thursday, October 7th in the Fair and Square Room!

4SomeCuties   Maniacs   Mel’s Smackers
CapppyTappy2Nappy Pokerhop Melandria
Wellrounded Doctors orders Hugsykissbella
Tanyastar123 JeRupe Dabindeb
Ckmarks Buppers Kiliki43
LadyHawks    Halloween Honkers   Naked Witches
nebesna Lalaian16 greatfulmama
cdk8897 gapeach800 O R
cach7778 aWizard StevesBratt
KayLeeM tothemoonnback HocusPocusTink

Get ready cause it’s Smackdown Time!

The online bingo winners will be announced on the following Friday, October 8th .

Good luck!

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