Team Bingo Smackdown WINNERS in the October 30th Bingo Tournament

Way to rumble everybody in this week’s Team Bingo Smackdown! It’s time to announce the team who will take home the $3,000 CASH prize! Put your hands together for the following winners and don’t forget to gather your team for next week’s edition!

And The Winners Are…

Team LUCKY SMACKING LADIES! CHUCKY’S GOUL, NEBESNA, CACH7779,  CHANTILLY22 are the new online bingo champions! Will they come back next week to reinstate their title, or will you stop them in their tracks and knock em’ out next week?

If you missed this week’s event and believe you have what it takes to battle it out for the grand $3,000 CASH prize, then join us every Thursday in our Fair and Square Room between 12AM and 10Pm EST!

Don’t forget to register your team at [email protected] by Wednesday!

Have a great weekend!

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