Tame the 7 Monkeys and win $4,000!

Hello and welcome to BingoHall’s blog! Monkeys are playful, intelligent and honorable. These quirky animals are also associated with good luck. Just imagine if one money can turn things into magic, what 7 monkeys can do! This is what our 7 Monkeys slots game is all about! It’s designed to make you feel entertained and rich at the same time! In honor of our popular slots game, we encourage you to enter the monkey mayhem in the 7 Monkeys online slots tournament! More details about the “bananas” party can be found in this article:

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The 7 Monkeys tournament

The online slots tournament is available on BingoHall from May 23rd to June 5th and it offers enjoyable cash prizes. Control the monkeys in the online slots game and you can win $4,000 in cash! Every player will receive 1 tournament point for every $10 wagered. The player who collects the most points will be the ruler of the monkeys! Here is how the prizes will be rewarded:

From Bingo Bronze to Bingo Platinum

1st – $1,000 Cash
2nd – $500 Bonus
3rd – $350 Bonus

From Bingo Princess to Bingo Master

1st – $4,000 Cash
2nd – $2,000 Cash
3rd – $1,000 Cash

From Bingo0 Rookie to Bingo Steel

1st – $500 Cash
2nd – $200 Bonus
3rd – $150 Bonus


Enjoy BingoHall

Have fun on BingoHall, play online slots in the 7 Monkeys game and you can win the cash prizes listed above! Remember, the 7 Monkeys online slots tournament can be accessed on our website until June 5th. Good luck!

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