Smackdown Playoffs WINNERS – February 22nd

Smackdown Playoffs Winners

Good game, roomies! We are happy and proud to congratulate all our participant online bingo players who have taken part in our exciting event! The time has come to announce the grand finalists of our Smackdown Playoffs bingo tournament, which took place in our Dollar Room, from 9 PM to midnight EST, on Saturday, February 22nd.


This month’s Smackdown Playoffs’ champions are:


Concrete Angel $1,500 CASH
suelovey58 $750 CASH
Jamantha $500 CASH


Congratulations, champions! You have proven that your unbeatable online bingo skills do pay off, and they pay off generously! Enjoy your grand prizes: 1st place - $1,500 CASH, 2nd place – $750 CASH and 3rd place – 500 CASH, and may we see each other again in our future Smackdown bingo tournaments!

Good luck to you all! 

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