October Week 5: Bingo Hall Recap

Hello, dear roomies, and welcome to the final weekly recap of October. Tomorrow is Halloween, so a brand new online bingo tournament will be waiting for you but, until then, let’s see what prizes you could still win in this week’s slots and bingo competitions.

Find out about the online bingo tournament and online slots competition released at BingoHall this week

Reverse Coveralls

The Reverse Coveralls Online Bingo Tournament started on Monday, October 26th, and will end on Sunday, November 1st. Here are the rooms in which you will find the special tournament games:

Dollar room – 7PM-9PM EST

Fusion room – 9 PM-10 PM EST

Supernova room – 10 PM-12 AM EST

Taboo room – 12 AM-1 AM EST

Afterhours Lounge – 5 AM – 7 AM EST

The Reverse Coveralls are unique bingo games, as their prize keeps going higher! The longer the game, the larger the prize! There are only a few days of this online bingo tournament left, but you can still win incredible prizes for each game, and the player who manages to win the most games will receive $500 BONUS. Furthermore, purchasing 6 cards for each competition game will grant you 3 extra for FREE!

The Force of Darkness

The Force of Darkness Tournament also started on October 26th, but will end TODAY, October 30th. There is still time for one final charge, and we suggest going for it, as the benefits are massive! First of all, the winner can receive up to $2,500 CASH! Furthermore, the top 10 players will qualify for the Halloween Slots Fest that we’ll hold tomorrow. But how to climb our leaderboard? Well, that’s easy! All you have to do is play our Diablo 13 game and make sure that you have a minimum deposit of $100 made during the tournament’s timeframe. Every $1 wagered in the game will bring you 1 point in the tournament. Whoever manages to raise the largest amount of points, wins!

Halloween bingo offers

Don’t forget that we have lots of special plans for this Halloween! Tomorrow, October 31st, the players who have qualified for the Halloween Slots Fest will be able to play Graveyard Shift, raise points and win up to $4,000 CASH. If you are unable to qualify through The Force of Darkness tournament, you can opt in with a minimum deposit of $400 made on October 31st.

We also have a brand new online bingo tournament waiting and tons of special bingo offers and promotions. We’ll grant amazing deposit bonuses throughout the day, we’ll play special games with prizes worth tens of thousands of dollars, we’ll have a special chat game that will bring you 100 BBs! All this and more in the Halloween Bingo Fest!

Happy Halloween!

Finally, our team here at BingoHall would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Halloween and the best of luck this weekend!

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