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 cartoon_chef1.gif Hi gang!

I received an email from our member bingokitty, she sent me some nice suggestions and 1 of them was to include some space for you to share cooking recipes in our bingo blog… “A Recipe Blog — we are always talking about cooking and stuff in chat.  This would be a great way for roomies to exchange recipes and get new ideas from across the country and around the world.”, she said.

Well, the truth is your suggestions are taken into consideration in our bingo community, so here it is: a new recipe section!!

I know you guys can not post the things directly, you can only comment… however, I will be more than glad to include your recipes here. Just do me a big big big favor… please don’t copy recipes from other sites to be posted here, I know that is waaaaaaay easier than writing down one of your own, but, believe me, it is much more appreciated to send an original contribution that copying something that has already been posted in another site by someone else.

So, come on! Send me those great cooking ideas that have been with you since a long time, or new ones, or perhaps cooking suggestions. This space is yours!

Take care and enjoy!!


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  1. Here’s an easy recipe guys — no cooking involved lol

    1 package of Gamesa cookies (find them in Mexican section at grocery store)

    1 package of either semi-sweet morsels or better yet Giradehli morsels

    Melt morsels in microwave; lay cookies on wax paper or cookie sheet – spoon melted chocolate on cookies or put in icing bag (less messy)

    Allow to cool

    These are awesome and low in fat too!!!!

  2. I love this idea!!! I cant wait to submit one of my favorite recipes. As well as try that cake!! Thank you Esteban for listening to our ides. :)

  3. Parmesan Chicken and Asperagus
    ALL ingredient amounts are to your choice for flavor

    2-3 chicken breasts
    penne noodles
    parmesan cheese
    lemon juice
    green onions

    Lightly Oil your frying pan and half cook your chicken.
    Cut chicken onto bite size pieces and then finish frying.
    Spritz with lemon juice and add asperagus (cut to approx 1 inch size)
    sprinkle to flavour with Parmesan cheese
    put a lid on until asperagus is just about cooked
    add half green onions, the root side of the onions.
    finish cooking.

    Cook as much penne as you want, if you like more noodles, use more, if you like more chicken, you use less noodles.

    add the chicken and asperagus to the noodles, shake or stir to mix, add more parmesan cheese and dish.

    once dished, add some raw green onions to each dish and serve.

    This is a great recipe because with little effort you can change it to be exactly the way you want it and it never makes the meal less enjoyable!

    Hope you like it!!!

  4. Cowboy Potatoes…my Dad did these over open coals while he was cooking the brisket….potatoes and gravy …. all in one.

    5 to 6 large potatoes..peeled and sliced (about 1/4 inch thick)
    1 large onion…finely chopped
    2 cloves garlic..finely chopped
    oil to fry potatoes

    Fry potatoes to light brown
    Drain all the oil except for 1 to 2 tbsps
    Saute onions and garlic to not brown them
    Put potatoes back into skillet, add salt and pepper and mix
    Now pour milk over the potatoes, onions and garlic…make sure to cover potatoes with the milk.
    Simmer until potatoes are done and you have a thickened gravy…you may have to add additional milk. Stir gently often as you do not want to scorch the bottom of the skillet.

  5. Quick and easy dessert.

    Twinkie Cake

    1 box Twinkies
    1 large tub of whipped topping
    1 or 2 cans of cherry pie filling
    (depends on how much you like it lol)
    OR any pie filling or sliced strawberries

    Slice twinkies end to end laying each half with filling up in a 9×13 pan

    cover with pie filling
    cover that with whipped topping


    another variation is to use vanilla pudding with sliced bananas

    I hope you enjoy!!

  6. OOPS!!! I forgot one ingredient! Vanilla pudding goes over the twinkies followed by the cherries, ect. Sorry about that.

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