Make a Chat Game!

Ever wondered what goes on in our minds when we are making the chat games? Be in our shoes for a moment and come up with a new chat game.

The most interesting ones will be featured in a special post and they will be rewarded with 20 BBS!

Also, the games will be played by CMs among the regular CGs! Please leave a comment below and tell us your ideas!


*Note: Winners will be announced and credited on Monday, March 26th.


Thank you,

The CM Team

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  1. I already made a chat game that is played…I gave TOT game to Funky and I believe he was the first to play it.

  2. BlackJack – pick two numbers that add to 21, when your numbers come out say “BlackJack, your numbers plus an icon” for bbs

  3. Plus sign…you pick 1 number and when you get that number plus 3 around it to make a plus sign, you type plus sign, number and icon.

    Thank You

  4. ss I have to revise my comment;

    Plus sign…you pick 1 number and when you get that number plus 4 around it to make a plus sign, you type plus sign, number and icon

  5. Block Out….Pick one number and when you complete a block around that number, type Block Out, your number & icon…example if your number is 1 you need 1-2-16-17 for the block.

  6. how about Black-Eyed Gilda, players choose 2 I’s and when both are called the yell Black-Eyed Gilda. :-)

  7. Maybe GO-GO Bingo, players pick 1 G ball and 1 O ball and when they come out yell GO-GO Bingo. :-)

  8. how about some neighbor games being called Neighbor By Number, and neighbor is determined by ball called.. example G 53 would be the neighbor 5 up, and 3 down from winner get bbs. So it is not always same neighbors if someone on lucky streak.

  9. new chat game:pregnent 3′s
    u pick 2 #’s ending in 3,6,9.
    When both #’s are out u call p 3s and your #’s. :)

  10. three’s up pick a number 1-9 when three numbers are called ending with the number you pick type three’s up and your number eg.1 21 31 41

  11. Monkey in the Middle: Choose any number from the ‘N’ row and when your number is called out type in monkey and your number to claim your BBs.

  12. I like this one to its call roulette you pick 5 numbers the cm will post the first 15 numbers when 3 or more come out you say roulette and your numbers and as far as the amount of bb is up to would be good for dollar room.

  13. block of 4 pick a number and when your number and the other 3 come out around them call block and your number so if you pick 37 you would need37-38-52-53 and so on

  14. roulette pick 5 numbers and the cm will call out 15 numbers from chat board and if 3 or more come out say roulette and your numbers this game can be played good in the dollar room because of how much bb you would get

  15. fullhouse its like race when you pick a number 1-15 all the remaining numbers must follow then call fullhouse and your number+B icon eg 15,30,45,60,75

  16. american flag pick a red white and blue ball when those numbers come out type usa flag + numbers and any blue icon eg 21 45 7 + icon

  17. 1st OUT
    pick a color and if its 1st ball out then you win then we can all go pee without waiting for cg lol

    choose a side
    b row is brides
    g row is grooms
    u choose if your going to be a bride or groom if the
    winning number is in your row yell bride here
    or groom here

  19. What about a keno chat game and played once a week like on WednesdaY all playeers send in 10 keno numbers to bingohalllpromations. and to cm Everyone keeps the same numbers.
    The first 20numbers count only for Keno
    BBS can be awarded as followers 3 num =1 4num = 2 5= 5bbs 6 numbers = 7 8numbers =10bbs 9- 15 bbs and 10 numbers = 20bbs

  20. Keno chat game players pick ten numbers and give to cm . players keep numbers for wekly play of keno The first 20 numbers out will determine winners . and bbs can be set for all numbers such as 3 numbers win 1 bb 4 numbers win 2bb 5 numbers win3 bbs and so on all ten numbers can be 20 bbs .

  21. My idea for new call game would be James Bond (007). Players would pick 2 ‘O’ balls and when they both are called in the game, they would type 007 with an emoticon and receive BBS from CM.

  22. Anohter game that would be good to play (especially around Halloween time) would be LET’S SCARE GILDA and roomies woudl need to pick 1-B and 2-O’s and when all 3 numbers are called type BOO with their numbers and emoticon. Thank you for consideration.

  23. ok I have one that is specifically for speed games hour. Call it Speedbump, players pick a number and if it is called within the first 15 balls they call Speedbump, their # and icon

  24. another idea is called High 5′s…players pick 2 numbers ending in 5 when their numbers are out call ^5′s their # and an icon.

  25. Here’s a good chat game.. “Derby Races”. Before the start of each game players choose a number 1-15. When the CM calls for BETS, the players give their number.Be on the late enteries allowed, the CM will close the bets before the start of the game. This game is..WIN PLACE OR SHOW. Going by the last 3 balls called. Win bets get 15bbs..Place bets get 10bbs.. Show gets 5bbs. Your bet is your need to claim in chat. The CM keeps track of all bets.Of course, bbs awarded can be changed to sites liking!!!.. A player bets on every game..can change bet number if desired.

  26. I come up with a chat game called “GREGO”.. It comes from a personal joke between CM Buggy and Myself as well as a member who kept typing GREGO, no other words were typed exccept for GREGO by this member, so I said we should play a CG called “GREGO” where you pick 2 G numbers and 2 O numbers, and when 1 number of each letter comes out, Call Grego + your numbers+ a star. We have played that CG a few times now in After Hours Room and I think it is alot of fun, Others may not think so, but there is also a few CG I don’t like to play.. So there you have it, I invented the CG “GREGO”. Also, a big thanks to CM Buggy for agreeing with me that it is a good CG and for allowing us to play it :)

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