Make a Chat Game! – Winners

Hello our dearest roomies!

First of all we like to thank you all for participating in this little event and helping us with the chat games. All of them are very nice chat games and we will surely play some of them in our rooms! As much as we want to give you all prizes, we can only reward the 3 most  voted ones, so after hours of debating the High Council Of the Supreme CMs came to an end:

The winners are:

Bingoshelley with her #23 Game called ‘’1st Out!’’

QueenShortcake with her #7 Game called ‘’Black-Eyed Gilda’’

Dee1babe with her #31 Game called ‘’Let’s Scare Gilda’’

                Congratulations! Each winner will receive 20BBs!

              Thanks to everyone for participating and for your games!

XOXO, Cm Team

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  1. awwwwe tyvm im honoured and happy too accept my 20 bbs oops i already spent em lol tytytytyty

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