Have Yourself a Merry Bingo Picnic

The weather outside is delightful, and the game is, also delightful! We, here at the BingoHall blog, are quite bad at rhyming. However, we are very good at providing you with top tips that can help you enjoy our bingo games even more, including how to get your bingo mobile. So, if you think the weather is perfect for a family picnic but our promotions are too amazing to stop playing, check out the following tips.

Take your family out for a bingo mobile picnic


Before you get started, you need to think about the part you want bingo to play in your family outing. If you just want a crack at the prizes and you think you might want to spend some time far away from any computer, just use our PRE-BUY function and that’ll be the end of it. You can get as many cards as you want for a specific timeframe and the bingo room of your choice. However, if you want to be present when the games are played and you want your family involved, you’re going to need a bit of preparation.

Getting set up

If you want the game to be the focal point of your day out, you’re going to need a way to make the game of bingo mobile. And since the younglings are already spending too much time looking at their phones, that’s not the answer. Once you got your whole family on board, find a destination that offers a wi-fi connection. As technology has become ubiquitous, you are bound to find a nearby park that’s fully covered by a free wi-fi network. Then, simply have everyone bring their laptops and enjoy BingoHall in the open air. This is a great way to enjoy our games, your family’s company and the warm weather at the same time!

What about the kids?

Kids aren’t allowed to gamble and it is not OK for them to do so! Therefore, you need to find another way for them to make the game of bingo mobile. Do you remember Easter Egg Bingo? If you don’t, follow this link and check out the game’s details.

Are you done reading? Great! Now, we would like to propose an ENTIRELY NEW GAME that’s, well, very similar to Easter Egg Bingo. Well, actually the only difference is that the Easter eggs are replaced by small bouncy balls! You can find them a dime a dozen at your local supermarket, or you can simply make an online order for them. Just be sure to remember that you’re going to need A LOT of them! Once you purchase the balls, write a number from 1 to 75 on each of them and print plenty of bingo cards.

When you are ready to start, just have the balls thrown. Their bouncy nature will ensure that they will stop in the most peculiar of places. The only thing that’s left to do now is have the kids look for the balls and bring them back to where you’re enjoying your picnic. Daub the numbers on the cards you have previously printed. The adult who completely daubs the first card and the kid who brings back the most balls will win! This game can keep everyone entertained while you check up on your BingoHall games from time to time. It’s not what you might traditionally think of as bingo mobile, but it will certainly keep your kids on the move.

Your suggestions here!

These are our suggestions on how to mix a family picnic and online bingo. If you have any ideas on how to make the game of bingo mobile, let us know in the comment section below.

Do you want to have fun while you win top prizes? That’s what BingoHall is all about!

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