Gilda’s Guide to Staying Cool this Summer

It looks like the sun has heard of the word “heatwave” and it thought it was a good idea. To give you a helping hand, we have interviewed the best bingo game caller in the world (self-styled, of course), Gilda. Here is what she had to say about how you can stay cool this summer.

Learn how to beat the heat with the best bingo game caller

The old ice pack and fan trick

Gilda wasn’t always the best bingo game caller in the world. Before she became one of BingoHall’s central figures, she struggled. Prospects were, well, limited. Air conditioning was nothing but a dream for her back then. A dream she could not afford. Therefore, she got a second hand fan and tied a bag full of ice to its grill.

According to her, it worked for a while. But then, the perfect storm hit! The bag got caught in the fan propeller and started to spin wildly. At the same time, most of the ice melted and Gilda realized that the bag was leaky. Just imagine a high speed fan spinning a leaking bag! We think that Gilda’s solution was good, but the execution was lacking. If you want to try this low cost method of cooling down the room, make sure you get a sturdy bag and there’s no way for any of its extremities to get tangled in the propeller. Or better yet, play online bingo in our new promotion and win a portable air conditioner!

HAIR conditioning

When we first asked Gilda about a guide to staying cool, she thought we were inquiring about an entirely different kind of cool. After all, the heat doesn’t really affect her much these days. Thus, her first tip was: make your hair all blonde and curly, buy a leather jacket, wear a tank top, tight leather pants and hang out with John Travolta. Let’s just say that the world’s best bingo game caller is so busy with her job that she hasn’t gotten around much… in the last 3 or 4 decades.

Back to the matter at hand

Once we got our best bingo game caller back on the right track, she actually had something useful to say: folks, just stay in! It’s much easier to keep yourself cool when you’re indoors. You can use all kinds of cool tricks, like ice packets, moist blankets, cold compresses and cool showers to ensure that you don’t suffer too much from the heat. Avoid going out to places other than the beach, especially between 11 AM and 6 PM. And don’t you worry about getting bored! We have tons of promotions, special offers and other players waiting to keep you company in our bingo rooms!

Ask Gilda!

Did you enjoy Gilda’s guide to staying cool this summer? If you want more goofy stories and tips from the best bingo game caller (self-styled, we cannot emphasize that enough) in the world, ask her something in the comment section below!

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