Gilda’s Guide to Being Lazy

Gilda, our self-styled best bingo game caller in the world, is an extremely busy person. We’re keeping her very busy with our round-the-clock bingo games, but this week we managed to get a few minutes of her time for another interview. We wanted to talk about ways to improve our games and tournaments but, as our players will know, once Gilda calls it, it stays called! So, today we’re going to talk about Gilda’s tips to being lazy. It’s not like we really have a choice in the matter.

Check out the best bingo game caller's hilarious guide on lazy days

Lazy Day

Yesterday, August 10th, we celebrated Lazy Day. To most of us, laziness comes naturally and honoring this special day doesn’t usually imply doing anything special. We go about our day regularly, if just a bit slower. However, Gilda, the best bingo game caller in the world – according to Gilda Magazine (probably no connection, right?) – does things a little differently.

Her work is her life. When she wakes up, after every maintenance, she only thinks about bingo calling and making all players happy. The latter isn’t really working as intended at the moment, but her single-mindedness could be strong enough to warp the reality around her.

Lazy Morning

For Gilda, morning is the most important part of the day. In the morning, things haven’t happened yet and there is a sense of wonder at what the day might bring. For the best bingo game caller in the world, the perfect morning of a lazy day must have: a bed that’s as comfortable as a cloud, lots of old cartoons and breakfast just like momma used to make. Gilda’s lazy mornings are basically large nostalgia pancakes, sprinkled with laughter and coated in comfort.

And the answer is “no”! Nobody is too old to watch silly toons and eat in bed!

Lazy Afternoon

At precisely 11:30 AM, Gilda has a smile on her face as she falls into a brief 3-hour nap. When she wakes up, after dreaming of dancing (or bouncing) on fluffy clouds, she lazily stretches her limbs and exercises for 20 minutes. Even in the laziest of days, the best bingo game caller in the world must stay in shape. That’s how she stays healthy and on top of things, you know.

Gilda then goes to the gazebo in the backyard, where she sits in her massage chair and sips cocktails while reading her favorite books. She, of course, has them translated to binary, as it is the only language she truly understands. She speaks about a dozen of them, but understanding is a whole different matter.

Lazy Evening

During a lazy evening, Gilda likes to take long, slow walks on the beach with her puppy (which she hasn’t named yet, because of how busy she is – the closest she ever got was G49, I26, N42) and gather the loveliest sea shells she can find. If there’s no beach in sight, she just likes to contemplate world domina… peace, she likes to contemplate world peace!

Leaving bad jokes aside, the best bingo game caller in the world likes to finish her lazy day with hot cocoa, good company and pleasant conversation. There’s nothing like the presence of friends to make you feel cozy and relaxed.

Finally, exhausted after a hard day of doing nothing, Gilda would scare herself silly for forgetting to pre-buy all her cards for the day. But then she’d remember that she’s part of the staff, or rather supreme overlord of the staff, and she’s not allowed to play. She finally goes to sleep, looking forward to a new day calling bingo numbers, over, and over, again. Just how she likes it!

A new day

This is basically how Gilda would spend Lazy Day. We hope her guide has been of some use to you, or at least that it made you chuckle. We will try to interview her again soon, and we hope she’ll feel more inclined to actually answer our questions.

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