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[UPDATE]: Cookie’s keeper has sent us the latest info on her dearest little friend and would like to share her thoughts and appreciation with everyone who has shown their support. We wish good health to Cookie and let there be good news from now on!


I want to say thank you for posting Cookie story and I would like to let you know she is still not walking as she should be . I will be taking her to the specialist this week and arranging her surgery to be done . I want to say thank you to all the roomies here in Bingo hall for the support and kind words. 

Thank you again 


Read Cookie’s incredible story bellow:


Today we received this very emotional message about one amazing little soul called Cookie and we would like to share it with you. Our thoughts and best wishes go to Cookie and his keeper.


This is cookie my Yorkie Poo , she cant stand on her back legs for long as she has patella , it is a problem that her knee slips out of place. She needs to get surgery, but I am hoping there can be another way I cant bare to see her like this ,Cookie during the summer would swim with me in the pool and play and be very happy jumping and running . Now she has to stay off her legs as her problem stops her from being a playful pup.

She is a brave little girl she still comes running to me when I come home from work. It saddens my heart to see her limping and I gently message her leg until the knees go back into place. She is currently taking two medications at this time one for pain and one for inflammation.

Cookie is part of my family and she is with me since she was 6 months old the pet shop where we got her from was going to put her to sleep when we saw her she looked so sad and we just fell in love with her. I couldn’t bare the thought that the store would lay down a dog due to not selling her .

Since then Cookie has been in my life and she brings me joy each and every day of my life I could not imagine my life with out her in . Tears roll down my face every time I see her struggling to walk, I cant afford the surgery at this time I am trying to save I did get approved for a care card for pets but it will only cover half the cost . I pray every day for something to happen for me to get her the surgery needed soon .

I attached a picture of Cookie please post this and her picture on pets gallery .


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One thought on “Cookie’s story – UPDATE

  1. Awww I am so sorry for your *cookie* honey. I do know the love of a doggy is one of the biggest rewards in life, as the love they give us is pure and indescribable. And that goes both ways… I will be thinking of cookie and I wish both of you well. Big hugs both for you and cookie-Becky

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