Can you make money playing online bingo?

Are you familiar with the story of John Orchard of Lincolnshire, England? He currently holds the world record for the most money won in online bingo after winning an incredible 5.9 million pound jackpot (9.5 million USD)! Shortly after winning the online bingo tournament, John was given a call to confirm his banking information and the 5.9 million pounds were deposited into his bank account. John used his winnings to indulge in the finer things in life, like trading his old car for a brand new Jaguar XF! He was able to retire early from his day job and take vacations with his wife around the world. By playing online bingo, John Orchard’s life changed for the better!

John Orchard is just one of many people who have played online bingo and made money. He along with numerous others have found been able to live a more comfortable life and have an expendable income by playing online bingo. In this article we discuss how you too can make money playing online bingo.

How to win big

The first step to winning is by playing in an online bingo hall that has engaging tournaments and generous bonuses. Sites that offer tournaments draw lots of players, which in turn can make for a very attractive jackpot. Bingo Hall is known for having great bonuses for new members, as well as hosting some of the most exciting bingo tournaments with big CASH prizes.

As obvious as it may seem, in order to win money in online bingo you must be willing to invest a little money. Just ask anyone who has won a big jackpot. They all won by playing bingo persistently.

Play right!

In order to make money, you must play bingo right. What we mean by this is that you can’t expect to win big money by playing in rooms with cheap bingo cards. The rule when it comes to online play is that the cheaper the bingo card, the smaller the jackpot. If you’re satisfied with winning small sums, but never anything to write home about, then the rooms with low card cost might be suited for you. However, if you’re goal is to win a huge jackpot, a lot of cash, or even a car, then we recommend you play in rooms with card costs starting at $1.

It’s important to take advantage of the online bingo bonuses that you receive. These bonuses can give you the boost you need to get you back in the game and on the path to making money.

Also, make sure that you’re an active member on the site you play on. You can find special games and big bonuses that are given away in the chat rooms.

Keep it positive!

The secret to success for many businessmen, inventors, artists and online bingo enthusiasts like John Orchard is the power that comes with positive thinking. Being able to imagine something happening and believing that it can happen is more than half the battle. So remember to have fun when you’re playing online bingo and to keep it positive, because if you can envision making money through playing online, then you will!

Make sure to visit for the best bingo experience you can find online! Remember to always play responsibly.

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