Bingo Hall Member, Concrete Angel, shares good news!

Hello, hello, dear bingo players! We are back with some more good news for our Bingo Members’ Stash!

Get ready because this time it’s about our amazing Bingo Shop you can all visit and check out on our site’s home page!

Our dear friend, Concrete Angel, has decided to write to us reminding of the joy you feel when you get a present or when something you’ve been working for finally gets at your front door and surprises you.

This is what your roomie lived and she cared to send us a few words and some pictures with it.  Are you excited to see what she purchased?  She got an amazing refrigerator !!! It is a stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator.  It comes with external digital display to easily adjust controls, LED lighting and a Power Freeze control to drop temperatures. Helps you chill your favorite drinks and then come play some good old bingo!

bingo shop

These are her words:

Hello Dears: Am excited to share my good news that the “Samsung Refrigerator” I ordered from the “Bingo Shop” arrived yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful in my kitchen, lol. I actually wasn’t expecting it till sometime in November, so I was truly in shock when they called to say it was being delivered yesterday. I’m attaching some pics so you can post this on the blog and people will know that the “Bingo Shop” is for real.”

 bingo shop  bingo shop bingo shop

So don’t forget to play! Who knows what you can find in our Bingo Shop? Let’s add all of you next to Concrete Angel, enjoying your brand new acquisitions! 

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  1. I can not get access to the bingo shop altho i have the stars needed…if anyone can send me a direct link i would greatly appreciate it…thank you great buy!!

  2. Nice looking and well done to have that kind of points! I got a little gold bracelet and am so excited it’s very attractive. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!

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