All you ever wanted to know about our online bingo tournaments

Hello dear roomies! If you’ve been with us for a longer time, you know we love throwing an online bingo tournament whenever we get the chance. All of us here at BingoHall love these tournaments and we wouldn’t change that for the world. It brings joy to our collective heart when we see you, our beloved players, enjoy our bingo promotions so much and strive to be the best.

Find out what goes on in our heads when we organize an online bingo tournament

We believe that playing online bingo is more than just about money. It’s about the people you meet, the friendships you make and the fun you can have while playing. To us, enabling you to win hundreds upon hundreds of dollars every day is just the cherry on top. Today we want to give you an insight into the way we think. We want to tell you why we create these tournaments, what you usually have to do to win, what the basic rules are, etc.

Why we organize tournaments

When we organize an online bingo tournament, we set out to improve the lives of our roomies. This is the reason why our grand prizes usually consist of items that are needed but are sometimes difficult to obtain. Just this year we have awarded our grand winners with brand new cars, plane tickets to anywhere in the winner’s country, 3D TV sets, cruises, trips to tropical destinations, a state of the art stainless steel dishwasher and many other amazing prizes. So you see, our prizes are often things that players can make use of for a very long time or things that could help create happy memories that would last a lifetime. It gives us great joy when we interview our winners and they tell us how much better their lives have become since they won our prizes.

What types of tournaments do we organize?

BingoHall mainly organizes 3 major types of bingo tournaments:  day-long tournaments, week-long tournaments and month-long tournaments. Every online bingo tournament we create has its own prizes, its own set of rules, guidelines and its own goals. Now let’s give you an overview and a few examples for each category.

Day-long tournaments: In this category we include our tournaments that happen on a specific day of the week, every week. The most popular example we could give you is our awesome Team Bingo Smackdown tournament. This is a unique competition that encourages friendship and team spirit. To participate, you and 3 of your friends must form a team. Then you have to submit your team’s name and the nicknames of your team mates. Finally make sure you are all free to play online bingo on Thursdays, from 12AM to 10PM EST in our Fair and Square Room. The team that wins most games during this timeframe will receive a rocking $3,000 CASH.

Another day-long online bingo tournament that we are particularly fond of is the All Stars promotion. This takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The goal of the competition is to play and gather as many stars as possible. The person who manages to do that can receive huge CASH prizes that can reach up to $5,000.

Week-long tournaments: In this category we include any online bingo tournament that lasts a week. Usually, we use these tournaments to honor an occasion that occurs during the week of the tournament. Just a couple of weeks ago we celebrated Housewives Day with the Super Lady Tournament. The tournament was extremely popular among our players and we gave away an amazing dishwasher at the end.

When we are not honoring a special occasion, we like to make use of an online bingo tournament to promote one of the causes BingoHall fights for. Just this week we kicked off the Re-Fresh Tournament to encourage our roomies to lead healthier lives by quitting smoking. We know how hard it is to get rid of vices, so we think it’s important to give a helping hand to those who want it. The grand prize for this tournament is an ULTIMATE PLASMA WAVE AIR CLEANER, which any roomie can win. The only requirement is to be the one who collects the most Pink Lemonade patterns from Supernova, Afterhours Lounge, Dollar, Fair and Square, Quarter, Desperate Housewives and Crazy rooms.

Month-long tournaments: By now it is probably obvious that this category includes any online bingo tournament that lasts a month. We consider these to be our most important brain-children, as we use them to celebrate extremely special days and causes. The best and most numerous prizes can usually be found in these tournaments. For the month of November we decided to try and help as many of our members as possible spend Thanksgiving Day with their families. Thus, the Home for Thanksgiving Online Bingo Tournament came to life. The grand prize of this tournament is 2 round-trip tickets to anywhere in the winner’s country. The twist is that we’re giving away 2 tickets every week to the player who manages to collect the most Turkey Patterns in our rooms.

Rules and guidelines

As we have told you before, each tournament comes with its own set of rules and guidelines. Usually, players need to make a deposit a maximum of 10 days before the tournament starts, or during the timeframe of the tournament, to register. Another rule worth mentioning is that a Smackdown team will not be accepted to participate in the tournament if all the correct names of its team members haven’t been submitted. It would be wise for our players to know that they can be disqualified if they don’t follow the rules of the online bingo tournament they want to participate in.

Moderation and responsibility

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our roomies have fun and play in our tournaments responsibly. Everything in life is better when you play without betting more than you can afford. We hope we have helped you with our guide on BingoHall’s many competitions. If you have any other question concerning an online bingo tournament, please let our support team know about it.


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